Want to increase participation?

Setting a goal to increase the amount of good material can result in several approaches. Whether you are looking at participation or set out rates, adding materials, or pounds per household, your strategies will be similar.


1. Before you do anything, a MRF meeting is a must.

You may think you know the biggest contaminate, but chances are your MRF might have a different list of bad actors. Set up a meeting and hit on these three topics:

  • First, use this survey to easily guide your discussion and narrow out the five main materials causing problems.
  • This is also a good time to check in and make sure they’re accepting the same things your outreach materials call for.
  • Finally, ask them to assess your contamination rate as specifically as possible, now and regularly in the future. Details matter! Set a baseline contamination rate so you can measure against it later. Remember you want to be able to track progress!
2. Set a goal.

You will need to look at what is currently happening through a few lenses to identify good targets.

  • Do you want to encourage certain routes to participate more?
  • To remind strong participation areas to recycle bathroom and laundry plastics?
  • Or include more multi-family recycling?
3. Map Your Approach.

You may not be able to address more than one issue at a time. Based on your goals, choose the single area of focus that will result in more quality material. Keep in mind that choosing an area of focus may mean you need to simultaneously keep awareness and contamination communication going in the broader community.

4. Full Court Press.

Get the whole team on board. Operational changes or policy adjustments may be critical to reaching goals for more tons. Establish baseline measures. Define success. Implement and measure.

Adding Materials

Recycling is a part of every day. We want people to be able to easily and accurately recycle the packages that your program accepts. When you look to expand and strengthen your recovery rates, start with your MRF and strategically build bridges to residents’ good actions.


Use these to increase participation.

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How are you increasing participation?

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